joi, 8 ianuarie 2009


You can find me in every drop or you can come next to me and give me a hug.
You'll find me in your pocket or maybe in your favourite place.
You can see me through the window,you can see me when you're sad or happy.
You can tell me what's your dream or you can tell me how's your life.
I'll give you a hug and i will make you smile,and you will smile back 2 me even if you are sad.
You can teach me something and i can teach you something else.
I'll show you the way and you're gonna show me your name.
I will embrace your name and i'll give it to a star.
You're gonna watch my back and i'll watch yours.
I'll have to stay here and you are gonna wonder why.
And i will say : " well..because of you my friend. because of love,passion&friendship and for the ones who deserve this. "

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