luni, 9 august 2010

You gotten into my bloodstream.

Wake up, look me in the eyes again,I need to feel your hand upon my face.
I need to feel your breath.
You're running through my veins like liquid silver.

From the start till the end I am the order in my own mental disorder.
We all know words can relay nice, but they can also cut you open.
They say home is where your heart is.
I'll phone home and i'll say home is everywhere since you're loved.
Even if I lie.
Oh the spaces in between,
Two minds and all the places they have been.
How many wonders could you taste till everything deep inside comes to life?
...and the beauty lies in her loneliness.
I'm telling you, I'll go deep inside your mind and i'll kiss you.
Then you'll sleep well and the color will easily bruise your thoughts.
We both know we're pretty much alike even if we live in the same body, even if this happen in different places and different years.
Living here is still an option.
And all of this is told because this is the awesomeness of being awesome while nobody knows what awesomeness truly means.
Lately i figured out that once you find something you love, you should never let it go because it won't come back in the same way it did the first time.
So on our way, we figured out that we should move forward to the next level.
Small stories without context in many visions, well founded in the spirit, less in being.
Try to make an order in the chaos of daily life.

I think I might’ve inhale you
I could feel you behind my eyes
You gotten into my bloodstream
I could feel you floating in me.

Loving, living, listening, writing.

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