miercuri, 12 ianuarie 2011

Desillusions of grandeur.

Release your mind.
Write about everything.
About the cold mornings..when the coffee seems to be far from you.
About the cloudy days, when you're trying to find your path.
About the choices you've made, about the things you left behind.
About the fact you can turn water to snow, and snow to ice.
About the landscapes that are surrounding you.
About the fact that everything is starting again.
And again..and again.
About the legacy of the writer, through nights and days.
About the bottle of whiskey you just finished.
About her flavor, her scent and the taste of her lips.
About her dress, her shoes, her hair.
About..dreams and nightmares.
About sickness, bloodlust and drama.
About despair and theatre.
About everyone, steal, sneak, share, replace.
Turn-up-side-down and back.
About your needless thoughts.
About their lives, about our.
About the encyclopedia called us.

The book isn't written by the writer, is written by you..
..and you are ?

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